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        WOWZA! I sure loved meeting you all and sharing community and new friendships inside of the No More Monkeys Enrichment venue. I definitely do miss it, however, our mission isn't tied to one location...our mission truly lives in each and every one of us! WE ARE NO MORE MONKEYS! Thanks for the amazing year and I look forward to evolving and sharing so many new fun moments with you and your children. Thank you again for all of the love and support!

-Miss Heather


Monkey pass cards will be honored in the form of free classes, Miss Heather party visits, Monkey Tv or whatnot when we eventually figure out just how we’re going to do classes, outside and distanced etc...Down the road there will be plenty of fun mission related activities that I didn’t have time to do while always in the venue. Please email directly at if you need me.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower children to be confident with themselves and their behaviors. To be kind to one another always. To use original music, physical play, and mnemonic devices as tools to encourage children. To help families reiterate manners, diversity, and kindness. To team up with the community to spread kindness and inclusion.

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Instilling kindness

in our tiny humans.

Proud to be a part of:

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